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Simulation for the Desktop

             Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) Simulation Environment for the Desktop

MD Nastran

Simulation for the Most Demanding Applications

MD Nastran - Multidiscipline Simulation from the Industry Leader
By delivering the most comprehensive set of simulation and analysis technologies, MD Nastran offers true multidiscipline simulation in one, fully-integrated system. It is the most powerful simulation solution with a broad set of analysis capabilities based on proven of technologies and industry leadership of over four decades.

Comprehensive Solution for Next-Generation Design and Development
Designed for manufacturers who need to perform interoperable, multidisciplinary analyses on ever-more complex models, MD Nastran offers key capabilities that drive efficiency and streamline processes:
  • Broad Analysis Capabilities - Supports key engineering disciplines that provide the basis for a superior multidiscipline simulation system
  • Integration - Unparalleled support for interaction between multiple disciplines in simulations that facilitates true multidisciplinary analysis
  • Optimization - Multidisciplinary optimization capabilities with combined sizing, shape, and topology optimization, special constraints and response functions across disciplines
  • High Performance Computing - Optimized for parallel and 64-bit supercomputing environments



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