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Learn How SimOffice can help You Streamline the Design Process

View how one company dealt with increasing design costs.To view the movie simply download the code here and see SimOffice in action.
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Need to Get your Entire Design and Engineering Team into the Analysis World?

Use Microsoft Excel to drive CAE studies. By creating your own design templates in Excel and linking them to SimOffice simulation macros, you can bring the power of CAE simulation to your existing team.

Need More Details?

Download the SimOffice Brochure
and Data Sheet.

Robust Simulation on your Desktop

Stay Competitive through Innovation
Now you can leverage the power of CAE simulation to improve the design process and plump up sagging margins. With SimOffice, you can incorporate product innovation much earlier in the development cycle and shorten the entire engineering process.  Additionally, SimOffice helps you to meet your customers’ growing engineering requirements by supporting mainstream analysis needs. All without cutting into already-thin margins.

SimOffice Helps You
• Make smarter decisions earlier in the design process
             • Gain more confidence in your designs
             • Avoid late changes
             • Reduce costs
• Get faster design/analysis turn-around time
• Reduce product failure
• Increase innovation

No Extra Hardware or Software to Buy
Designed for the Microsoft Windows platform, SimOffice is .Net enabled and is certified Works with Vista. And, because it is CAD-neutral, it allows for easier sharing of design data across the supply chain, by supporting all of the major CAD platform data formats and data exchange formats. No need to purchase additional software or hardware. You can leverage your existing IT investment. No hidden implementation charges.

Don’t let another day go by with the frustration of endless design cycles. Get the power of simulation. On your desktop, within your budget.

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